I have been committed to all-hand treatment for 10 years, and have succeeded in developing a bra to answer the many concerns and insecuriteis of my clients. FINAL FORM is made in Japan, and will become a global standard in the future.

Why did you make this bra?

Bras in the world have become more and more polarized. Corrective bras that make your bust cleavage and bust look bigger, feel uncomfortable to use, whereas with comfortable bras, your bust will lose its shape and you won't be able to create cleavage.

Many women in the world have some troubles and insecurities about their bust, and have a hard time choosing underwear. I myself used to have many insecurities about my bust, and so my fascination and admiration for brassieres grew.

When you touch the cleavage of your bust and feel how soft it is, you will feel a sense of joy knowing your bust can change and you can continue to have hope and improve your bust worries. I think that more women in the world can feel confident in their bodies and lead more satisfying days.


I believe that a bra that could adjust to any bust shape, be the most comfortable, and create the most clevage would be the final form of the brassiere. 

Commitment to the Final Form

Completed after about two years of intensive development, we made many revisions to fulfill our commitment to functionality, design, pad production, color adjustment, and comfort.
We constantly reviewed our designs and asked ourselves many questions. For example, we asked what can be done to make the clevage more beautiful and the adjustment function better to create them easier? What kind of changes should I adopt...
We were not satisfied with the existing pads on the market, so we developed a crescent-shaped pad in-house. We went through many rounds of trial and error before developing a brassiere that finally answers to all of the needs.

"Made in Japan"

We used Japanese technology, stuck to our values, and paid much attention to design, because it is something that touches the bare skin. We want you to have peacce of mind when wearing it. 

At the beginning of development, I visited a factory in China, but the reality was that they could not produce what I envisioned there. Although very cost-effective, our commitment to functionality and design could not be met in mass-produced factories in China, so I continued my search and visited various factories all over Japan. Still, it was difficult to find a factory that could work with me to meet all of my particular needs. Finally, I was able to find a factory that could understand the commitment to functionality, quality, and design that I envisioned, and after repeated trial and error and discussions with the factory, I was finally able to complete a piece that I was satisfied with.

Features of FINAL FORM

Fits any bust

Many conventional bras are made of materials that fix the cups and fabrics, and depending on the brand, there are things that do not fit the shape of the bust. FINAL FORM uses elastic materials, and is designed based on ergonomics to fit the movement of the body.

The reason why we have 2 sizes, SM and ML

The elasticity of Japanese lace is mainly used to achieve a fit and hold that can be adapted even without cups.

It is wireless and comfortable, and it creates cleavage

By incorporating the fabric with a thick verge line into the bust lifting function, the hold feeling is strengthened and it is possible to bring it closer.

Two straps reduce the burden on the shoulder

By dividing the straps into two, the burden on the shoulders is distributed and reduced, making it more comfortable than traditional brassieres.
A wide range of size adjustment is possible with two pieces, one that wraps around the bust and the other that pulls up the bust and gathers it to the center to form cleavage.

Crescent pad

The unique crescent-shaped pad was developed in-house so that the bust can be pulled up neatly and the cleavage of the bust can be more pronounced.

Under rubber x 4-stage hook

The underbust is made of rubber that feels good on the skin and has good elasticity, and is less burdensome on the body. By using a special 4-part design, the size can be adjusted with just a 2cm wide hook.

180 degree range of motion with round metal fittings

Round metal fittings are used for the attached part of the strap so that it can be matched with any bust. The strap can be moved 180 degrees to freely create cleavage.

lace motif

The motif flower "clematis" used in the lace expresses the meaning of "spiritual beauty".