田家 麻生

Producer YVESJU

YVESJUが日本発、今後世界基準となるノンワイヤーブラジャーの最終形態 「FINAL FORM」。

Leave all your bust troubles to me. I will take care of any insecurities concerning your bust.

Maki Taie started pursuing beauty care to solve own insecurities about her body. She learned various beauty & fitness regimens like beauty treatment, bodywork, and yoga, as well as mental strengthening like healing and self-development, then developed unique techniques by fusing those methods. Currently she runs a private beauty salon for radical improvement, “yves jubilee,” practicing breast-enlarging treatment and whole-body muscle reformation. The results have helped many women who have spread the popularity of the salon and products by word of mouth, and it is supported by women in a wide range of occupations, including models, actresses, and announcers. 

2018/East Press

"Marshmallow Beautiful Breasts in 2 Minutes a Day!"

1st place in Amazon esthetic category

Both the bust and the heart should be soft and look upward. With a simple two-minute stretch a day, anyone can learn how to create a "fluffy marshmallow" bust.
You can get a marshmallow bust that increases in size regardless of your age by continuing for 12 weeks with the mindset that you can continue to have hope! Confidence as a woman brought about by a soft and upward bust gives you a sense of happiness and peace of mind, and you can feel the change in yourself full of beauty and confidence.

Fitting Room

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